The Metaverse Can Bring The World Together

22 Jun 2024

The internet has helped people from around the world connect and interact in ways that were never possible before, and even though we see a lot of arguments online, there has been much more collaboration and understanding overall. 

The metaverse will be the next step in this technological evolution, bringing people from different perspectives and cultures together in a shared space, with common goals. Economic opportunities in the metaverse will be abundant, so we will spend more of our time there with people that we wouldn’t otherwise interact with in our everyday lives. 

As people spend more time outside of their cultural bubbles, their biases will be challenged and hopefully overcome. Of course, this doesn’t solve every problem in the world, there are many systemic issues that need to go along with this type of collaboration, but it is clear that bringing people into the same shared space is the first step to understanding our shared humanity. 

Metaverse Inclusivity In Pop Culture

Two of the most famous stories about the metaverse, Snow Crash and Ready Player One, each depict scenes where the protagonist befriends a person they meet in a virtual world, and are later surprised to learn that their friend looks different than they expect in real life, forcing them to think deeply on their assumptions about concepts like culture and gender. This has become somewhat of a cliche in books and movies about the metaverse because it’s a very powerful idea.

Somnia’s Vision

Somnia’s vision for the metaverse is perfectly aligned with this idea of an open and inclusive metaverse. Somnia is working to connect the metaverse so users and creators can communicate and collaborate across platforms and physical space. The type of expansive metaverse where people from around the world can share the same space and work towards the same goals will only be possible in the connected metaverse that Somnia envisions. 

Join our community to build the future with us, and dig into our litepaper to learn more! 

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