Somnia Protocol (SOM0) : Connecting The Metaverse

22 Jun 2024

The Somnia Protocol (SOM0) is a set of multiple protocols that are designed to bring interoperability and true ownership of digital assets to the metaverse. The Somnia Protocol (SOM0) consists of the Object Protocol, Attestation Protocol and The Marketplace Protocol.

The Object Protocol lets content creators make new virtual objects that work across all metaverse experiences in the Network. They can also import and adapt existing virtual objects, depending on licensing. Content creators can store and access information about these objects through the Attestation Protocol. Once these virtual objects are created or adapted, they can be traded within the Network’s metaverses. This is done by recording them in an on-chain registry contract, which includes important information that helps the metaverse understand and link to or mint these objects, representing their ownership.

The Attestation Protocol allows participants to verify the authenticity of virtual objects by assigning specific properties to identities, places, and objects on the Network. These attestations can be used by other participants for various purposes. For example, a major brand like Nike can attest that a virtual shoe is an official Nike product, which helps metaverse owners prevent counterfeits. A KYC provider can attest that an identity owner is over 18, allowing metaverse owners to ensure no minors are present.

Metaverse owners can also use the Attestation Protocol to hire third-party moderation services to review and approve virtual objects based on their guidelines. For instance, a family-focused metaverse could use a moderator to confirm that objects contain no violent material, ensuring a safe environment.

The Marketplace Protocol allows each Metaverse Owner in the Network to sell items in their metaverse’s store, with content creators able to sell their items there as well. Metaverse owners are responsible for setting up and maintaining these marketplaces, including creating the front end, processing payments, and handling user interactions.

The Marketplace Protocol enables metaverse owners and content creators to upload their items to a shared marketplace where digital items from any metaverse in the Network can be sold. This creates a “one-stop marketplace” for all items available for sale across all the entire ecosystem.

Together, these protocols make up the Somnia SOM0 protocol. 

See our technical write up on the Somnia Protocol (SOM0) or read our litepaper for more information. 

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