An entire ecosystem of infrastructure, applications, worlds and tools are needed to power the interoperable real-time applications that Somnia will enable.

Somnia Blockchain

A high performance blockchain built for high performance and low cost needed for the metaverse.

Somnia Protocols

The Somnia protocols aim to address three key challenges: enabling the free movement of users and assets, facilitating unrestricted commerce, and accelerating the composability of experiences and objects. Somnia Protocols are “omni-chain”, meaning that all of the Protocols are compatible with multiple blockchain networks.

Experience Engines

Engines that enable metaverse experiences, games and virtual worlds to be created. These could be rich interactive 3D experiences with thousands of people or smaller 2D web experiences. These include, MSquared, Playcanvas, Unreal and Unity.


An ecosystem of interoperable metaverses, connecting together brands and businesses, creators and fans, powered by a network of technologies and services bringing spectacular experiences to life at unprecedented scale and enabling a crossworld economy.

Metaverse Experiences

The worlds, games, activities and events that take place in the metaverse.

Metaverse Browser

A web based front end to interact with all the experiences on the Somnia network and applications. The Metaverse Browser simplifies the process of navigating and participating in the Somnia ecosystem, making the metaverse experience more engaging and rewarding, while also abstracting the complexities of blockchain technology for the end-user.


Metaverse Applications built and deployed by creators on Somnia.

Off-chain Infrastructure

These are key infrastructure components that metaverse owners and content creators would leverage to publish content.

On-chain Infrastructure

This is infrastructure that sits at the decentralized layer that no one entity owns/runs.


Somnia offers a suite of intuitive, web-based authoring tools that facilitate the rapid iteration and publishing of metaversal experiences that interoperate with the Somnia Network.


A key piece of the metaverse infrastructure that represents ownership of digital assets, identities and property, Any existing NFT collections can come to Somnia Ecosystem


Metaverse applications where users can participate in gamified activities and experiences with others, Game assets and metaverses can be connected on Somnia.

Existing Partners

Somnia’s journey is supported by robust partnerships that enhance our network’s capabilities and reach

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