The Virtual Society Protocols

Somnia offers a collection of protocols that empower Content Creators to collaborate and move seamlessly between experiences and platforms. Users can create their own content, remix existing content and trade their creations in a decentralized marketplace.
Create your Avatars

Apps for the metaverse

Somnia is creating a global data and compute layer for the metaverse. This enables developers to extend and build new applications for the metaverse. From an experience to a marketplace to an avatar builder, there’s a whole new space of applications needed.

Metaverses Powered by MSquared

Dive into a world of extraordinary experiences that have been powered by MSquared and soon will be enabled by Somnia. Mega-events with thousands of people across sports, music and gaming. Somnia is the stage for some of the most spectacular happenings in the metaverse.
Game 4 Ukraine
Powered by Msquared
Victory League
Virtual Ballpark
Powered by Msquared
Twice Listen Party
Powered by Msquared
Powered by Msquared


The metaverse requires a diverse set of applications and standards to enable anyone to be part of the creation process. These range from experience engines to creation tools, standards, and more.
Join the cause
Be part of the Dream Computer and contribute to the standards shaping the Virtual Society. From building apps to exploring new worlds, Somnia is your gateway.


What is Somnia and how is it unique in the metaverse landscape?

Somnia is the Dream Computer, which consists of a high performance EVM L1 blockchain, and a set of omnichain protocols designed to scale Web3 gaming, social media and metaverse applications to millions of users. Somnia focuses on enabling fluid navigation for users across multiple virtual experiences and providing creators with tools to innovate and collaborate on content easily.

How can users explore the Somnia network?

The network is accessible through an intuitive experience browser, making it easy for anyone to dive into different metaverses directly from any device. This approach ensures that even those new to virtual worlds can start exploring with ease.

What does Somnia offer to creators and developers?

Somnia’s users and creators have access to a sandbox environment known as Playground, alongside other tools that support the creative process. This environment supports freedom in content creation, and monetization, while offering opportunities for collaboration, setting the stage for a thriving metaverse content ecosystem.

Can community members contribute to Somnia’s decision-making?

Yes, Somnia is committed to a decentralized governance model that encourages community involvement in its evolution. This means that everyone in the community can have a voice in shaping the future direction of the network.

What kinds of events does Somnia host?

Somnia’s Metaverse browser provides a wide range of mega-scale events, from esports tournaments to virtual concerts, capable of bringing together tens of thousands of participants for unique, immersive experiences.