Dreamwalking into the Metaverse Computer: The Somnia OnePager

22 Jun 2024

Somnia is creating a virtual society with an L1 blockchain and a set of omnichain protocols designed to bring millions of users into an open and unified metaverse, allowing users to move seamlessly across experiences. Somnia opens up endless possibilities for builders to create portable and remixable content, or even upgrade existing NFTs, giving them a soul in the metaverse. This new level of connectivity and composability will accelerate the development of a thriving creator economy and set the groundwork for a new era of imagination.

Today, the metaverse is divided into separate and incompatible worlds, with users stuck in closed and centralized environments. This limits the creator economy, preventing creators from fully exploring their innovations, monetizing their work, or adding utility to their NFTs and Web3 game assets. This also makes it extremely expensive to create experiences in the metaverse, and the accrued value goes to platform holders rather than creators themselves. While Web3 seems like a promising solution to this problem, there are still challenges to be addressed, like performance and the lack of an interoperable protocol to standardize how experiences work on-chain. This is holding back the growth and potential of the Web3 Metaverse space, but now there’s a solution.

Open and Unified Metaverse

The necessity for an open and interoperable metaverse is at the core of Somnia’s mission. Somnia is enabling a network of open and unified experiences, not dominated by any single entity but rather collectively owned and governed by its community of users and creators.

Somnia’s Blockchain is designed to be scalable, affordable, and fast, optimized for the Metaverse to support millions of users. Somnia provides a set of protocols that enables assets, commerce, and avatars to move effortlessly across different worlds and blockchains. Together, the protocols and the blockchain act as the foundation for an ecosystem of applications and experiences where anything is possible.

Somnia is creating an inventive mechanism to share value across its participants, rewarding creators for building anything that others find useful or interesting. Somnia also encourages collaboration between creators by making it easy to recompose and remix content, and build on each other’s work.

With Somnia, creators also have the ability to expand the functionality of their existing NFTs, making them usable across various experiences on the network. By utilizing these features and capabilities, Somnia Network can bring together the $100 billion value that is currently divided between the blockchain gaming, metaverse, and NFT sectors to create a true virtual society.

The Somnia Ecosystem: Powering Metaverses

Somnia is powered by an expansive ecosystem of worlds and applications that are working together to  create an open, connected metaverse. This ecosystem includes things like Metaverses, experience engines, Mapps, Somnia omni chain protocols, Somnia’s L1 blockchain, metaverse browsers, and sandbox environments for creators. To kickstart this ecosystem, Virtual Society Foundation, the foundation behinds Somnia is partnering with Improbable and MSquared, two of the biggest names in the metaverse. MSquared created Origin, which enables high-quality Metaversal experiences where tens of thousands of people can interact in real-time in the same virtual space with interoperable objects.

MSquared has powered massive events including an official virtual ballpark with the Major League Baseball (MLB) organization in the US and concerts with the Kpop musicians like TWICE on Kosmopop. These high profile events will drive initial users to Somnia Network.

Step Into the Dream

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to explore, create, and be part of our thriving community. Join us as we dreamwalk into a future where the metaverse is free, interconnected, and full of endless possibilities. This is where the new creator economy begins.

Check out the Somnia one-pager in various languages here.