Somnia’s Metaverse Browser Just Got Even Easier To Join!

21 Jul 2024

Somnia is bringing the Metaverse one step closer to mass adoption with the release of the web version of the Metaverse Browser! We got some great feedback after the initial release of the beta desktop application. 

The community was especially interested in seeing a web-based version of the desktop browser, for easier accessibility from mobile and for users who are unable or unwilling to download a file. We have already released a web version of the quests that are available in the Metaverse Browser, but now you can access all of the experiences and all of the other features available in the application. 

Now you can do all of the following from your web browser:

  • Mint your avatar
  • Complete Somnia quests
  • Explore Metaversal Experiences
  • Visit Virtual Events

Important Update

You will now be able to view your Metaverse Browser dashboard through the web, where you can see your Somnia points (boost rates will be applied after the snapshot.) You’ll also be able to connect to The Metaverse Browser with the same wallet that you use for Galxe for a smooth integration. However, if you quested on both Zealy and Galxe only one platform’s points will be visible, but you will still have the points from both platforms. 

New Avatar Builder

We have a new and improved avatar builder that is more customizable and faster than our previous offerings. This is a whole new avatar app that includes new base avatars, and new customisation options that expands the scope of user generated content. This will allow an ecosystem of content to be made by creators for customizing avatars.

We greatly appreciate the feedback we got from the community about improving the speed and user experience. Thanks for the support!

Update Season 2 – Part 2 Prizes 

We have totally revamped our Season 2 quests for the release of the Web Metaverse Browser. The changes include a new quest for 10k USDT that is open for the web version. Somniacs can also now see their quest points and bonuses on the Metaverse Browser desktop.

We have decided to pause our Zealy campaigns because the platform required connection settings that not everyone was comfortable with. This means that there will be no new Zealy tasks going forward, but people who already completed quests on Zealy will still get their Somnia points and you will be able to see them on the quest page when season 2 is closed.

Check out the web version of the Metaverse Browser today, or download the desktop version for an optimized experience. 

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