Product update: Now Somnia Point Dream Hunt Quest Page is Available on The Web

21 Jul 2024

Thanks to all of the Somniacs who took a journey into the Metaverse Browser with us on the Somnia Points Dream Hunt! We have hit over 5k unique users on the Metaverse browser, and 100k avatars minted on our Betanet. We got some great feedback from the community during the testing phase and we will be using this information to create a better experience for everyone. 

Key Discoveries

We will continue to support the Metaverse Browser desktop application, but we noticed that there were many people interested that weren’t able to use Metaverse Browser. 

This is obvious from the data, with over 100k betanet avatars minted and over 38k downloads but only 5k Metaverse Browser users. 

For some users this was because they did not have access to a desktop computer, and for others, it was because they did not want to install an .exe file. We understand that this is not the most favorable format for all web3 users. 

What’s Improving?

Now you will be able to visit the Somnia Points Dream Hunt quests through the quest webpage if you are unable to download the full Metaverse Browser desktop application. You will be able to connect your wallet easily through a web page, and you will be able to view your points and your boost rate if you are an OG Somniac or a holder of one of our partner NFT collections. You will be able to see how many qualifying NFTs you hold, and what your boost rate will be. You’ll need to hold on to your NFTs because the boost rates are calculated at the end of the season after a snapshot.

Check out current boosts below:

  • 200% Bonus points per Koda held (cap 25)
  • 175% Bonus points per Otherdeed Expanded held (cap 25)
  • 150% Bonus points per BAYC held (cap 25)
  • 100% Bonus points per MAYC held (cap 25)
  • 50% Bonus per Grillz gang held (cap 25)
  • 50% Bonus per Somnia OG held
  • Extra 50% (total 100%) if Somnia OG held with any Yuga asset

Quest Changes

After carefully considering feedback from the community, we have decided to focus on Galxe as our main questing platform, in addition to the quests offered through the Metaverse Browser. We have decided to pause our Zealy campaigns because the platform required connection settings that not everyone was comfortable with. This means that there will be no new Zealy tasks going forward, but people who already completed quests on Zealy will still get their Somnia points and you will be able to see them on the quest page soon.

Those of you who were unable to do the quests in the Metaverse Browser will now be able to access them through the Betanet page on your web browser, even if you’re on mobile! You can also view all of your points and boosts through a dashboard that you can access from the web. We will also have new quests coming where OG Somniacs will be getting a 50% boost. 

Coming Soon!

Our devs are building a full web version of the Metaverse Browser.This will give you a one stop place to access all Somnia experiences and apps through a web browser.Check out our new quest page, and if you’re on desktop, try downloading The Metaverse Browser.

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