Somnia Joins KosmoPop and MSquared For An AleXa Listening Party

22 Jun 2024

Join us for an electrifying evening in the metaverse with the sensational AleXa, hosted by KosmoPop and MSquared. This special event will feature a listening party for AleXa, the dynamic K-pop artist who has captured hearts worldwide with her vibrant music and captivating performances.

AleXa has risen to fame through competitive reality shows and eventually won NBC’s American Song Contest with her song “Wonderland,” AleXa continued to innovate and impress. Her music, characterized by its energetic beats and futuristic themes, makes her the perfect star for our next big event.

Prepare your Somnia avatars on the Metaverse Browser and step into the virtual venue where AleXa will take us through her latest tracks and fan favorites in a fully immersive digital environment. The event will allow fans to listen to AleXa’s hits and interact in a shared space, blurring the lines between concert and community gathering.

Why You Should Join

  • Experience AleXa Like Never Before: With the power of Somnia’s Metaverse Browser, enjoy an experience that transcends traditional boundaries.
  • Interactive Fun: Don’t just listen to the music—be a part of it. Engage with other fans, participate in interactive polls, and maybe even get a shout-out from AleXa!
  • Bring Your Avatar: Show off your Somnia avatar, decked out in concert gear or inspired by AleXa’s iconic style.
  • Get Somnia Points: Continue to rank up in Somnia’s quests and earn points by joining this event. 

The event is happening On May 25th, 2024 at 10PM EST / 7PM PST. so mark your calendar and set a reminder! This is just the beginning! In the coming weeks we have some big events with Edison, including Space Race, Hot Shots and more! Learn more about Somnia experiences on our event page!

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