Improbable and MSquared Powering Massive Metaversal Events

22 Jun 2024

Improbable and MSquared are behind some of the most high quality metaversal experiences in the virtual world, allowing tens of thousands of people to share the same experiences in the same virtual space. 

Improbable and MSquared enabled the production of 30 events in 2023 with ambitions of raising that number to over 300 in 2024. Previous events range from major league sporting events, K-Pop listening parties, Web3 gatherings and celebrity encounters. 


Major League Baseball’s new Virtual Ballpark has drawn large crowds for an experience that redefined how fans watch baseball. Fans can explore the Virtual Ballpark to unite with others under their favorite team’s flag, and score points by finding collectables or getting a winning score at the Ballpark’s quiz machines.

Meanwhile, the games are streamed on huge strategically placed screens where fans get to watch their favorite celebrities play. For the most immersive experience possible, digital replicas of the matches are created, so digital players in the Virtual Ballpark are making the same movements as the real world players at the same time. 

MLB Virtual Ballpark Promo (LA Angels vs TB Rays)

Last summer also saw the launch of Victory League, a platform that allows fans to watch their favorite football teams in a virtual stadium with their friends. Victory Leagues largest event Game4Ukraine attracted more than 3,650 fans from over 100 countries.

Victory League also had celebrity meet and greets, like “Kicking it With Kanu” where over 1,100 fans gathered in a virtual space with football legend Nwankwo Kanu and AFTV founder Robbie Lyle. Lyle called the event “one of the coolest things I’ve done,” and added: “Victory League is the perfect platform for fan-centered content – I think this is the future.”


Music is a perfect fit for the metaverse, as we have seen from recent events like the Twice K-pop listening party in KosmoPop, a thriving virtual space powered by MSquared and Improbable. KosmoPop allows K-pop fans to connect and celebrate their favorite stars during spectacular events. The debut event was a listening party for Twice’s new EP, where fans could chat on the KosmoPop website, while listening to the new music. 

This was a lot of fun for fans, but it was also a massive benefit for Twice, who hit number one on Apple Music’s charts, partly due to the streams that were coming through KosmoPop.

Web3 Events

Last year, the Web3 personality @BoredElonMusk hosted three events as part of his “Edison” project, in collaboration with MSquared and Improbable. During these metaverse events, audiences gathered for gamified experiences called “gamevents,” where users socialize and participate in fun activities. 

These gamevents included ‘Forgotten Runes’, an experience that saw hundreds of gamers complete puzzles and race through mazes for the chance to win a golden pumpkin. There was also ‘Jump,’ a wild mix of endless runner and gameshow, and the wintry ‘Snowcrush,’ which had players build huge gingerbread houses from giant blocks.

The Future

Somnia, an L1 blockchain and set of omnichain protocols designed to connect the metaverse, will be leveraging technology from MSquared and Improbable to create massive experiences filled with tens of thousands of people. This will bring the first users into Somnia, where similar high quality experiences will be possible.

Somnia’s new additions to this tech stack will enable the formation of a new creator economy, where the value accrues to the users that make the metaverse great. 

Check out our events page to learn more about previous events and see what we have coming up!