Somnia Content Quests Season 2

22 Jun 2024

Season 1 was a phenomenal success, and Season 2 promises to be even more engaging with new features, enhanced rewards, and expanded opportunities for creators. This is your chance to get deeply involved with the Somnia community, so show us what you can do! 

What Are Content Quests?

Content Quests allow creators to embark on “quests” to produce and share high-quality content. These quests can range from writing articles and creating videos to designing graphics and developing interactive media.

What’s New In Season 2?

Season 2 opens up the type of content available and also broadens its reach to all corners of the Somnia Community. How, you ask? Like this –

  • Tutorials (Longform Video)
    • Somnia General
    • Metaverse Browser Guide
  • Threads – must use #SomniaDreamHunt and #Somnia
    • Create X/Twitter threads and inspire the community (examples and resources below)
  • Translations
    • Translate the Somnia Essential blog posts for your local community. Do a great job and we might even add your translations to the main blog!
  • YouTube Shorts/Reels/Short Videos
    • Create and share a short video (30-60 seconds) showcasing your favourite feature of the Metaverse Browser on social media with #MetaverseBrowser #Somnia #SomniaDreamHunt.

Thread Topics (Examples)

  1. Exploring the Basics of Somnia’s L1 and Omni-Chain Protocols for the Metaverse
  2. Why Another Blockchain? Exploring the Need for a Million Users in a Virtual Society
  3. The SOM0 Protocol: The Foundation for Metaversal Interoperability 
  4. Somnia Unlocks New Metaverse Use-Cases and Experiences 
  5. An Introduction to MML: Somnia’s core language for defining interoperable objects 
  6. Somnia Introduces the Metaverse Browser: Pioneering a New Era of Mainstream Web3 Exploration
  7. Yuga Labs Partners With Somnia to Increase Metaverse Interoperability and Incentives
  8. Somnia Will Give Your NFT Collection A Soul In The Metaverse 
  9. Community Ownership Is The Key To A Utopian Metaverse – Somnia
  10. AI Will Be Given New Abilities With Somnia’s Powerful L1 – Somnia
  11. Somnia Litepaper 

Thread Titles (Examples)

  • Why we need an L1 for the Metaverse
  • Why you should be keeping an eye on Somnia
  • Giving NFTs a soul in the metaverse
  • Commerce in the Metaverse – what does this unlock?

General Terms & Conditions

  • No plagiarism is allowed, any Content copied will result in a ban from all Somnia community channels
  • Content should be compelling and make the reader want to join the Somnia community
  • Threads should have at least 5 parts and no more than 20
  • Threads must use #SomniaDreamHunt and #Somnia

Rewards & Timeframe

The winners of the Content Quests Season 2 will be eligible for 1 of 111 OG Somniac NFT Roles available as well as generous BONUS prizes for the very best submissions! 

The number of winners chosen will depend on the amount of good submissions received.

The quests begin on 28th May and will run until the launch of Somnia Devnet (Q3 2024). Rewards will be distributed to the best content submissions at the end of each month.

How To Get Started

Getting started with Content Quests Season 2 is simple –

  1. Start creating any of the content listed above (be sure to tag #SomniaDreamHunt and #Somnia if on X/Twitter)
  2. PROVE IT: let us know what you’ve created at ->Deform Submission Link

Excited about Season 2 of Content Quests? Share your thoughts and experiences in our Discord and Telegram channels!

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy questing!

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About Somnia

Somnia: The Metaverse Computer. Somnia is creating a virtual society with an L1 blockchain and a set of omnichain protocols designed to bring millions of users into an open and unified metaverse, allowing users to move seamlessly across experiences. Somnia opens up endless possibilities for builders to create content that is portable and remixable content by upgrading existing NFTs.

About Virtual Society Foundation

Virtual Society Foundation (VSF) is an independent organization that is behind Somnia Network dedicated to shaping the future of the metaverse. Founded with the vision of creating a unified and open virtual society, VSF is committed to developing the standards, protocols, and infrastructure necessary to enable seamless interoperability across various virtual worlds.