The Somnia Points Dream Hunt Is On! Incentivizing 3 million users!

22 Jun 2024

The Somnia Points Dream Hunt is on! Season 2 of Somnia’s quest campaign is kicking off with a journey through The Metaverse Browser, and a world of high-quality experiences. The Somnia Metaverse Browser is your gateway to the virtual society and all of the incentives it has to offer!

This season, we’re leveling up the excitement with an enhanced central leaderboard, offering a more extensive and immersive campaign than ever before. Gear up for a longer run, deeper challenges, and even better opportunities to score more points, including a staggering $20,000 USD in cash prizes!

If you’re participating on Zealy and Galaxy, don’t worry, points from all of these platforms will be added to the central leaderboard. However, there are some special quests that can only be accessed through the Metaverse Browser. 

Somnia Points Dream Hunt 

You’ll start this new season off by downloading and installing The Metaverse Browser on your PC or Mac, and then creating a wallet in The Metaverse Browser using the same email that you have associated with Galxe and Zealy. 

On the quest leaderboard, you will be able to see all of the available Somnia quests, from Galxe, Zealy and primarily from the Metaverse browser. The points you collected by contributing to the Somnia ecosystem will be rewarded right before the mainnet launch. This is just the first incentive program of many, so stay tuned for more opportunities to earn points and prizes as we roll out new features. 

Point Boosters

OG Somniacs who earned the special Discord role during our Betanet campaign will have a 50% boost on all points gained during Season 2! Holders of select Yuga Labs NFTs will also be getting an additional 50% a boost on their points if they also hold an OG Somniac NFT, thanks to a new partnership between Somnia and Yuga Labs. This means there will be a 100% boost for those who have both Yuga and OG Somniac NFTs. These boosters will act as multipliers, that will increase how many points you earn for each quest you complete, and remember, these multipliers are calculated at the end of the season, so hang on to your NFTs!

There will be new leaderboard points for daily activity and referrals for future rewards, so you can increase the amount of points you earn by referring your friends. Top leaderboard performers will see another bonus at the end of the campaign!


The Metaverse Browser is your gateway into immersive metaversal events and experiences. Earn points as you explore the beginning of a new virtual society! To get a first look at what to expect, check out some of the previous events that were powered by our partners MSquared and Improbable, or watch the Somniaverse AMA that we hosted in the Indus metaverse. 

In future quests, you’ll be able to build your own world with Somnia’s Playground! Create your own slice of the metaverse where you can invite your friends to hang out! Customize it as much as you want, and visit the worlds created by your friends as well! 


  • Do I need to connect my wallet to Somnia?
    • Some quests will require a hot wallet to be connected to other quest platforms (Galxe, Zealy).
    • The metaverse browser will generate a hot wallet for you (using
  • Does Somnia support or
    • Somnia will support warm and delegate at some point in the future, but not yet.
    • This will be released in the next couple of weeks along with wallet linking and the ability to link multiple wallets).
    • Do not worry about your boosts, snapshots of NFTs that give boost will be done at the end of the season.
  • How do I earn Somnia points?
    • There are quests on Galxe and Zealy.
    • There is a global quest leaderboard you can find in The Metaverse Browser.
    • The metaverse browser will also have specific quests you can only do there.
    • Quests will be around following the project on socials, creating avatars, attending events and using the Playground.
  • When does season 2 kick-off?
    • It starts with the launch of The Metaverse Browser 15th of May.
  • Where can I stay informed about upcoming events?

Step Into The Dream 

Get started today by downloading The Metaverse Browser and joining our community so you can stay up to date with all of our quests and campaigns. 

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