Somnia Welcomes Grillz Gang To The Metaverse!

22 Jun 2024

Somnia is smiling while we announce an exciting new partnership with Grillz Gang, an OG NFT project that launched very early on in the NFT hype cycle. Grillz Gang will now be integrated into Somnia’s Protocols, which means that they can be used across experiences on Somnia and in Somnia applications. 

With this step, Grillz Gang is leveling up their collection and increasing the potential utility of the collection. 

Grillz Gang is now compatible with Metaverse Markup Language (MML). MML is a shared standard used by metaverses, which is an integral piece of Somnia’s interoperability protocol. 

The MML document has the m-character tag which identifies avatars and all of their traits. This is what allows avatars and all of their visual components to be compatible across experiences. NFT with immutable metadata can be extended with MML documents as well, using the Somnia object protocol, which is another layer of Somnia’s interoperability protocols. 

So what does this mean for Grillz Gang holders?

  • Once you link your wallet following our tutorial, your Grillz Gang you will be able to:
  • Soon you’ll be able to equip your Grillz Gang NFT as your default avatar in the metaverse browser
  • Use it in events built on the Somnia network
  • Participate in quests on the Somnia network
  • Grillz Gang holders will get a 50% boost to all points accumulated across the Somnia quest campaigns. Start the quest here and bring your GG NFTs into Somnia!
  • The snapshot for this will be taken at the end of the season, so you will need to be holding the NFT at that time to get the boosts. 

What next?

  • This is the first of many collections on the Somnia protocol.
  • If you have an NFT collection with 3D assets, you should get in touch for more details on how to bring your NFT to the Somnia network
  • If you have a 2D project sign up here. We are currently partnering with projects to turn their 2D project into 3D metaversal avatars.

Join us on Discord for the latest updates, and check out our litepaper if you want to dig into the technicals. 

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