Somnia Sees Massive Growth In First Three Months

21 Jul 2024

Somnia launched in April, just three months ago, and we have already made a massive impact, far exceeding our expectations for the first quarter. We’re very grateful to have had a strong and supportive community from the first day of our launch, making our spaces and AMAs a massive success. We have been able to get thousands of people to join our metaverse events and AMAs, and we have hosted some of the most popular booths and side events at this year’s biggest conferences. We’ve also released an amazing product called the Metaverse Browser, with the launch of our Playground coming up very soon! 

As we head into the end of our first quarter, it’s time to reflect on Somnia’s remarkable journey over the past three months. Our team has been working tirelessly to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the open metaverse, and we have some great updates to share with you!  

Community Growth

Our community has grown even faster than we expected! We’ve seen incredible growth across all our platforms:

  • Twitter: Our follower count has surged, with over 140k followers
  • Discord: Our Discord server is buzzing with activity, now boasting 56k members.
  • Telegram: Our Telegram channel has reached over 59k members
  • Event Attendance: Our in-person events have been a huge success, with roughly 1,000 attendees.

Platform Engagement:

Somnia’s Metaverse Browser and Avatar Creator have seen incredible levels of engagement:

  • Metaverse Browser Downloads: Over 5k users have downloaded the desktop version of The Metaverse Browser, and even more are trying it out now that the web version is live
  • Wallet Connections: We’ve recorded over 52k new wallet connections
  • Avatar Mints: Over 110k Somniac Avatars have been minted since the launch of the project

Content and Outreach:

Our efforts to educate and engage the wider community about Somnia and the open metaverse have paid off:

  • Twitter Views: Our Social posts have had over 148.8M impressions and 425.0K likes
  • Total Views: Our website has seen over 1,253,661 views since launching. 
  • PR Views: Our PR releases have had over 500k views 


This quarter saw us forge several strategic partnerships:

  • We’ve partnered with Yuga Labs, creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, bringing their popular community into the Somnia ecosystem. 
  • We’ve also partnered with Grillz Gang, another popular NFT project. 

Looking Ahead

As we move into Q3, we’re more excited than ever about Somnia’s future. We’re gearing up for our mainnet launch, expanding our creator tools, and planning some major announcements that we can’t wait to share.

We want to extend a huge thank you to our community, partners, and team members who have made this progress possible. Stay tuned for more updates!

About Somnia

Somnia is creating a virtual society with an L1 blockchain and a set of omnichain protocols designed to bring millions of users into an open and unified metaverse, allowing users to move seamlessly across experiences. Somnia opens up endless possibilities for builders to create content that is portable and remixable content by upgrading existing NFTs.

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