MApps (Metaverse Applications): Your Gateway Into The Virtual Society

22 Jun 2024

MApps are the Metaverse Applications that are built and deployed by creators on Somnia. They are similar to DApps (Decentralized Applications), but are specifically targeted at metaverse use cases instead of finance. Since Somnia is an EVM based network, MApps will be made using Solidity. MApps will generally have web best front ends so they can easily integrate into the metaverse browser and be used across platforms. From immersive gaming experiences and virtual events to social networking platforms and educational tools, MApps have the potential to reshape every aspect of our digital lives.

Mapping The MApps

MApps can be split into a few different categories. Let’s explore them:

  • Creation tools – These will enable creators to easily make and collaborate on projects in the metaverse
    • This could be things such as a web based editor that allows creators to make objects easily in a web browser. Similar to the MML Editor.
    • These could generate AI models that help people create 3d objects and then publish them to the network such as Luma Labs.
  • Commerce Tools – This would look a lot like the traditional finance features that you see on a blockchain but with a metaverse focus.
    • A marketplace where creators can sell objects or experiences and even create their own shops.
    • A DEX to allow users to seamlessly swap between the currencies of the different metaverses on the network.
  • User Tools – These are tools then end users of the metaverse would use.
    • Badge Viewer – You could imagine someone making a tool that enables metaverse and experience creators to give badges to people who attend their events. These could then be displayed in a MApp or show in experiences.
    • Profile viewer – A tool that allows an end user to see all of the things they own and their avatar, This would hook into wallet providers, read NFTs from the user’s wallets and visualize them for the user.
    • Avatar creator and customizer – Somnia released its first avatar creator tool built with Avaturn. However, the grander vision is to allow anyone to enable avatar creation. This could be done by a generic avatar tool like Ready Player Me or something more custom to a specific experience.

Somnia’s Metaverse Applications (MApps) are the key to unlocking the true potential of the metaverse. 

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