Dev Note: How To Link Your Wallet To The Metaverse Browser

21 Jul 2024

In today’s Somnia Dev Note, our Head of Engineering Ignacio Pastor Sanchez walks you through how to link your Metaverse Browser wallet to your cold wallets. 

The wallet linking functionality helps us in building an image of your identity online. When you link your Metaverse Browser wallet to any of your external wallets (Metamask, Rabby etc…) you are letting us know that you are the owner of the related wallet, so we can give you access to token-gated communities that might be guarded by your NFTs on those external wallets. The best part is that the Metaverse Browser wallet is the only one that we use for interacting with the blockchain directly, so none of your assets in the related wallets are exposed to any risk.

It is important to note that this doesn’t give the Metaverse Browser wallet or Somnia any kind of access to your wallets, we just get “read” access so to speak as we can link a set of wallets and associate them to a single user

This is called a warm wallet, where in our case the hot wallet is your Metaverse Browser wallet and the cold wallet is any of the others that you decide to link. 

We do this in 2 ways: 

– We use the deployed smart contract on Sepolia

– Our own backend for fast retrieval

To do this your cold wallet needs to interact with the wallet linking page in order to link the metaverse browser wallet.

Once linked, you will be able to see the connected wallets and all the Avatar NFTs associated with them.

Linking the wallet is immediate, but it takes some time for the team to check and assign points for each wallet. 

Try out the Metaverse Browser today and join our community to share your experience. 

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