1111 New OG Somniac Roles Available Soon!

22 Jun 2024

More OG roles will be added soon! The Somnia project launched just over a month ago, and over 120,000 participants have already begun completing our campaigns! Due to this overwhelming response, we decided to open up more OG roles for the most dedicated Somniacs! 

Get ready for new quests and more opportunities to get involved with Somnia, become a loyal fan, and help us grow the ecosystem.

Below is a list of the upcoming quests, and the number of OG roles available until the Metaverse Browser launches. As we promised, there will be a big boost to earn points on Metaverse Browser for OG Somniacs, so hold on tight!

Additional Betanet Avatars Minting Campaigns (111 Roles): Our Betanet is still ongoing, allowing you to mint a unique avatar to use in upcoming events. OG roles will be up for grabs to the 111 most creative avatars! 

1st Indus AMA (111 Roles): Participate in our first-ever Metaverse Ask Me Anything (AMA) session hosted with Indus, a platform for facilitating immersive digital experiences such as conventions, exhibitions, and networking events. Engage with our team, ask insightful questions, and contribute to the discussion to earn an OG Role.

Metaverse Browser Pre-Campaigns (111 Roles): Get involved in our pre-launch campaigns for the Somnia Metaverse Browser and explore different experiences to earn additional OG roles. 

Event Attendance – (111 Roles): Show your commitment to the Somnia community by attending our Metaverse events before and during the first season of our Metaverse Browser campaign. The most active and engaged attendees will be rewarded with OG Roles.

Leaderboard for May (67 Roles): Climb to the top of our community leaderboard by participating in quests, promoting Somnia online, and contributing to the growth of the Somnia ecosystem throughout May. The top 67 performers will earn OG Roles.

Galxe: https://app.galxe.com/quest/somnia (37 Roles)

Zealy: https://zealy.io/cw/somnianetwork/questboard (15 Roles)

Guild: https://guild.xyz/somnia (15 Roles)

We will still be opening more positions for future fans

Community Advocates – (600 Roles): 600 roles are reserved for our future community advocates, Become an advocate for the Somnia community to earn your role. Learn more about how to get involved on our community page

To participate in these quests and earn your OG Role, keep an eye on our official communication channels, including our Discord server, Twitter, and website. We’ll be sharing more details on each quest, including specific requirements and deadlines, in the coming days and weeks.