Somnia’s Quests Offering Community Points and $100k In Rewards During Road To Testnet

22 Jun 2024

Somnia is giving away $100,000 in USD prizes during our Road to Testnet, which has already kicked off with the successful “Somnia Soon” and “Somnia Launch” campaigns, but this is just the beginning! 

From the upcoming Betanet phase, you’ll be able to mint a personalized avatar that you can bring into mega metaverse events and experiences powered by MSquared. Then you’ll get access to the Metaverse Browser, where you can complete additional quests and access events. $100,000 in prizes will be distributed during this journey, and you’ll get an opportunity to earn special roles in our community, like the OG Somniac role, which will help you qualify for future rewards and incentives as we progress through our roadmap. 

What is the OG Somniac Role?

Somniacs who grind especially hard during the quests will get an opportunity to earn the “OG Somniac” role, which will earn them a special place in the Somnia community. 

Anyone who participates in Somnia’s ‘Into The Dream’ series of campaigns (Somnia Soon, Somnia Launch, Betanet Begins) will have a chance to qualify by completing the following tasks:

  • Mint avatar on Betanet [first 200 + 300 random from the first 20,000 avatars] – upcoming
  • Complete the 3 major Galxe Campaigns
  • Top scorer at the end of Launch campaigns – ~ May 31st
  • + very limited numbers available in future campaigns

1,111 roles will be up for grabs until the Betanet Begins Campaign concludes.

Roles will be distributed to those who mint an avatar on Betanet, complete our campaigns, and score the highest on the leaderboard. Top performers on Galxe, Zealy and Guild will also receive roles. 

Start a conversation, join our community activities and make some new friends, but don’t just spam to level up, Somniacs who provide genuine value to the community will stand apart from the rest and will find themselves in a better position at the end of the quests. 

Somnia Starts With Community 

Bringing community ownership to the metaverse is one of our core founding principles, which is why we’re inviting you to come help us lay the foundation for a virtual society where the creator economy thrives, and where users have a voice in governance. 

Getting involved with Somnia as we build the metaverse is like taking part in the founding of a new civilization, except this opportunity will be open to everyone, ensuring a diverse and dynamic community from the outset.
Go to our community page, and join the Discord and Telegram channels to get started today!