You Don’t Need A VR Headset To Explore The Metaverse

22 Jun 2024

There’s a lot of confusion about the metaverse, and most people aren’t really sure what it actually is. The mainstream view of the Metaverse is that it is a space that you can access with Virtual Reality (VR) hardware, but this is not a complete picture. 

VR headsets are compatible with the metaverse, but they aren’t a requirement. The metaverse is any shared virtual space that lots of people can experience simultaneously. You can even access the metaverse through your phone or personal computer.

It will be quite a while before VR headsets are widely available to everyone in the world, especially in remote and developing areas. The immersion of VR can certainly heighten the experience, but most people who interact with the metaverse are just using a screen. What’s most important is having fun with others in a real time environment. In fact, today’s most popular metaverse experiences like Roblox and Fortnite are typically viewed on a computer screen. This is also the case with Web3 metaverse platforms like Sandbox and Decentraland.  

An Inclusive Virtual Society

The metaverse can be more than just a series of virtual experiences. It has the potential to be a virtual society complete with its own culture and economy. This means that users can find jobs and career paths or even make a living with their hobbies and passions. People can also make new friends and collaborate with their peers. 

Everyone should have access to these opportunities, so the virtual society should be accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of location or social and financial backgrounds. That’s why metaverse experiences should be compatible across most platforms and devices. For the metaverse to grow and reach mass adoption there need to be many different inroads that allow people to onboard easily.

VR Future

In future years, VR technology will become increasingly accessible and more of our interactions and events will be VR experiences. People will probably always have the choice to opt-out of VR and interact with these events using a screen and keyboard because there still need to be considerations for health problems and preferences or just the occasional broken device. If your VR headset is being repaired, you should still have the option of attending your metaverse meetings without one.

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