Somnia’s Betanet Begins With A Journey Into The Metaverse Computer

22 Jun 2024

Somnia’s Betanet is here! Start your journey into the Metaverse Computer and become a part of the new creator economy. 

Somnia’s omni-chain protocols will connect the metaverse into a cohesive ecosystem where experiences and assets are compatible and interoperable, something that has been impossible until now. Somnia’s Betanet will test the SOM0 protocols that will connect the metaverse and everything it contains.

The betanet will be integrated into MSquared allowing an early look at the protocol and the interoperable experiences that it unlocks.

The SOM0 protocol has three components, the Object protocol, which allows users to create virtual objects that can move across any metaversal experiences in the network, the Attestation protocol, which streamlines validation, and the Marketplace protocol, which acts as a global liquidity layer where creators can sell digital assets. 

Phase 1 of Somnia’s Betanet on the ETH Sepolia Testnet allows you to bring your digital identity into the Somnia Protocol with the creation of your own avatar, thanks to our collaboration with Avaturn. You’ll be able to use your avatar in any world or experience that is built on Somnia. Your identity and digital assets will also be compatible across a wide range of experiences as well, allowing you to attend massive events, like the Twice listening party and MLB Virtual Ballpark that were hosted by MSquared

Next, Somnia will work with established NFT projects to give your favorite collections a soul in the metaverse. They will be rendered as 3D avatars and usable across experiences. This will open up a new world of utility for NFT collections, bringing new value and benefits.

In the later phases of Somnia’s Betanet, you’ll get access to the Metaverse Browser, which gives you access to the Somnia Ecosystem and the Playground. Here, you can create your own virtual space, mingle with your friends, and import or create any 3d objects. 

Then, in the following Testnet phase, users will get access to a prototype of Somnia’s blockchain which will act as the foundation for the economy of the metaverse.

Join the Betanet and experience the first phase of the SOM0 Protocol and check out all of the incentives that will be available in the Metaverse Computer.

About Somnia: 

Somnia is creating a virtual society with an L1 blockchain and a set of omnichain protocols designed to bring millions of users into an open and unified metaverse, allowing users to move seamlessly across experiences. Somnia opens up endless possibilities for builders to create content that is portable and remixable content by upgrading existing NFTs. Somnia was developed by the Virtual Society Foundation (VSF), a nonprofit organization initiated by MSquared, and Improbable.

For more information check out our litepaper