Somnia Manifesto

22 Jun 2024

Creating a open and valuable metaverse

The idea of the Metaverse has fascinated the world since emerging from science fiction decades ago, but none of the attempts that we’ve seen so far have come close to creating the futuristic virtual society that many of us imagined. If the Metaverse were designed as an open and decentralized ecosystem, it could have the potential to radically transform the economy, making it easier for people to start businesses and collaborate with others from all over the world. Given the importance of this opportunity, we propose a vision that reimagines the Metaverse as a network of interconnected experiences that enrich both the individual and society. This document sets out the principles around which we believe an open and valuable metaverse can be created.

Metaverse Defined

The Metaverse is envisioned as a network that meaningfully connects things, people, and places in a manner similar to the interdependence of nations. Rather than supplanting the current digital ecosystem, it introduces a new dimension of virtual experiences, grounded in the principles of interoperability, composability and openness.

Core Principles for a Progressive Metaverse

  • Multiverse Over Monolith: We advocate for a constellation of Metaverses, each with distinct, interconnected experiences, much like countries within a global community, sharing utilities that enhance mutual growth.
  • Empowering Composability: Central to our vision is the principle of composability—the ability for creators to build upon each other’s work, fostering a culture of collaboration where the collective output surpasses the sum of its parts. This principle ensures that the Metaverse evolves as a dynamic ecosystem where innovations are layered, integrated, and magnified, enabling a richer tapestry of virtual experiences.
  • Real-world Enrichment: The Metaverse should serve as an extension, not an escape, from reality, enhancing our lives through new forms of interaction, community, and personal growth. The experiences within should bridge the virtual and the tangible, enriching our collective human experience.
  • Creator Empowerment: For the Metaverse to flourish, it must empower creators with the freedom to build sustainable models of engagement and ownership. This includes safeguarding the rights to digital assets and creating an environment where innovation is not stifled by platform constraints.
  • Accessibility for All: The promise of the Metaverse is in its potential for universal access, removing barriers for content creation and participation. This inclusivity is foundational, ensuring that the Metaverse serves as a platform for diverse voices and opportunities.


This Practical Metaverse Manifesto is a call to action for a future where digital and physical realms not only coexist but enrich one another in profound ways. The launch of Somnia is the first step in this journey toward an open metaverse filled with value and opportunity, where economic freedom, innovation, diversity and collaboration can thrive, deepening our connection to both the digital and the physical worlds. Dreamwalk with us into the future.